Event Valet Service

Start Your Event On The Right Foot.

The key to an amazing event is planning and operations. Start your event off on the right foot with professional and reliable event parking services from Coastline Valet. Our team will help you plan your parking logistics so you can rest assured that your guest parking needs are met so they can enjoy the event and not worry about parking.

Hotel & Resort Valet

Impactful First Impression With Every Guest.

First impressions set the tone for the perception of your resort or hotels brand. Every touch and contact with your guest are crucial for building a lasting impression that shapes your hotel’s identity and brand. As your parking partner, we provide world class customer service and operations that give your customers the parking and valet experience that they will rave about

Country Club Valet

Quality, Class & Service Your Guest Deserve.

When you join a club it comes with certain expectations. We want to provide your members and guest with the high-end reliable parking services that they expect from a world class property like yours. Let the friendly and professional team members giver your guest and members the high-class parking experience they deserve.

Valet Managment Industry Leaders

We Are A Team Of Valet Experts

At Coastline Valet Service, we are committed to maintaining a strong managerial presence that responds to the dynamic demands of your business. Our supervisors are flexible and committed to exceeding the demands and requirements of their properties.

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Qualified Drivers

We Only Hire The Best Drivers

The Coastline Valet team is comprised of amazing talented service focused team members. We take pride in our guest valet experience and we always make sure your care is well taken care of and properly driven.

Valet Service
Parking Managment

Parking Managment For Your Property.

Our managerial team provides 24-hour care and service for our properties. Our supervisors are well trained and prepared to resolve any potential problems that might arise. Our staff quickly assess all situations and expedite the valet process to return superior service and smooth operations.
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Professional Parking Services

Defining A Guest – The Coastline Way

At Coastline Valet we know that the “guest experience” is the foundation of our operations. We want all guest to arrive happily and leave happier. The cornerstone of our operations is defining the guest experience and communicating our guest value to our properties and management teams.

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Valet Service

Coastline Valet & Parking Services

Coastline Valet provides the southern California region with best in class valet parking and parking management services. From logistics to operations, planning and staffing we have your property’s parking needs covered.

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Qualified Drivers

We Are a Team of Experts

At Coastline Valet we train and hire the best valets in the business. We select hard working talented valet experts that put customer experience and safety first.

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Your In Good Hands

Valet parking For Propertys

Your property is safe with us. We treat your property, your guest and your company like it is our own. We provided the best in valet management services.

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Valet Testimonials

Our Clients & Guests Love Coastline Valet

Coastline Valet Service

Valet Managment Services

Valet Parking Service

Valet Parking Services

Get world class valet parking services for your hotel, propert or event.

Parking Staffing Services

Parking Managment

We provide parking managment & parking staffing services.

Event parking Managment & Valet

Event Parking

We design a parking plan and staff your event to ensure a smooth event.

Resort Parking Services

Hotel & Bell Service

Get amazing valet & parking services for your resort & country club.

Arrive in style and depart happily. The Valet is often a guest first and last experience with your property. Let Coastline Valet partner with you as a part of your customer services strategy.

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For your hotel guests, the impressions you create during their arrivals and departures can significantly influence any decision they may make to stay with you in future. So if you are unable to deliver a valet parking experience that is polished, efficient and safe, your guests might not return. In fact, they may even choose your competitor for their next trip, if given the opportunity.
To mitigate this risk and nurture guest loyalty to your hotel brand, you need a seasoned hospitality solutions provider who can own valet parking service delivery on your property. They must also be able to map the intricate choreography of your valet parking ramp, based on industry-tested experience and metric-driven insights.


When your hotel’s valet parking and door service are expertly managed and facilitated by a single hospitality solutions provider, you not only realize synergies of cost and operational efficiency, you also enhance the arrival and departure experience for your guests. Instead of a fractured hand-off, you create a seamless sense of arrival for your guests – starting from the moment they step out onto the curb, all the way through to your hotel lobby and their room.


A historical icon of a hotel the bell stand is tried and true. A great Bell Stand service gives your guest the perfect compliment to a great hotel stay.


Travel – whether it be for work or play – can create an exciting opportunity for adventure for your guests. But many of them may know nothing about your hotel or city in which they’re staying, and often they have no friends or acquaintances to connect with in the area. That’s why, from room presentation to luggage delivery, your property’s bell service should be anticipatory and sensitive to the needs of your guests.